A Deep Dive into the Complex World of Trauma and Abuse

This two-day intensive workshop will explore the complex world of trauma and abuse including both post-traumatic stress disorder and complex PTSD.  Dr. Mary D. Moller will present the most current information regarding the nature, course, and treatment of the effects of trauma and abuse from a wellness perspective based on state-of-the-art research documenting the effects of trauma and abuse on the brain, body, soul, and spirit.  An understanding of the epigenetics of trauma will also be presented. Treatment approaches including prayer combined with pharmacological and cognitive/behavioral interventions as well as lifestyle changes that assist trauma survivors in fully recovering from the often life-changing and devastating effects of abuse will be presented. Individuals can learn specific lifestyle changes that will make recovery successfully.  Survivors can learn how to incorporate the effects of abuse and trauma in order to get on with their lives and to achieve life goals.

Participants will also learn about a Christian wellness-based trauma recovery program that is based on a manualized group psychoeducational approach to recovery entitled Become Empowered: Symptom Management for Abuse and Recovery from Trauma  better known by the acronym “BE SMART”.  BE SMART combines a 12-week educational course, bibliotherapy, symptom management, appropriate psychopharmacological treatment, cognitive restructuring, life style interventions, interpersonal skills and problem solving strategies that grant optimal success when coupled with individual and group therapy.



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