Indiana Nurse Health, Wellness, and Resiliency Focus Groups

Thank you for your interest in participating in these focus groups. The ICN Health & Resiliency Committee invites you to participate in focus group sessions focusing on the health and well-being of Indiana Nurses.  Through these focus groups, we hope to learn valuable information from Indiana nurses, including challenges, obstacles, and opportunities to strengthen health, wellness, and resiliency.  The information gained in these groups will be utilized to build programs and resources that provide a sustainable positive impact on Indiana nurses’ health and wellness.

My name is Bette Bogdan, PhD, RN-BC, CCM, PHN, and I am the Chair of Nursing at the American College of Education and a member of the Indiana Center for Nursing.  The American College of Education, in conjunction with the ICN, is conducting a research study “Improving the health, wellness, and resiliency of the Indiana Nursing Workforce.”  We are seeking your participation and consent to participate in this study. Your participation is completely voluntary, and we are here to address your questions or concerns at any point during the study.

Please read and fill out the information below.  Click the button at the bottom of the page for a list of available focus groups.

Focus Group Eligibility:

You are eligible to participate in this research if you:

  1. Are age 18 or older
  2. Hold an LPN/RN license in Indiana
  3. Are currently employed as a nurse in Indiana


In this focus group, participants will:

  1. Complete a questionnaire about age, gender, ethnicity, number of years in nursing, educational level, and current practice setting.
  2. Participate in a focus group for 45-60 minutes. These groups may be in-person onsite at your employer, in-person onsite at ICN, in-person onsite at another location, or online via Zoom.
  3. All questions in the questionnaire and the focus group are optional, and you may skip any question at any time for any reason.


If you participate, there are no direct benefits to you. However, this information will inform programs and strategies of the ICN to improve nursing health and resiliency, which may be adopted by your employer or otherwise available to you.


There are no foreseeable physical risks or discomforts associated with this study. There may be psychological risks/discomforts from being asked to talk about your needs, perceptions, emotions, and experiences about being a nurse today in a group setting.

To decrease the impact of these risks, you can skip any question and stop participation at any time without any repercussions whatsoever.


Valory Myers will secure the recording of the in-person and Zoom sessions and any notes on a private and restricted personal drive on a personal computer accessible only to Valory Myers.   There will be no personally identifiable information associated with the responses.


To thank you for your willingness to participate, you will be allowed to be selected in a random drawing of 10 $100 Amazon Gift Cards.

Voluntary Participation

If you decide not to participate, or if you stop participation after you begin, there will be no penalty to you; you will not lose any benefit to which you are otherwise entitled.

Contact Information

If you have questions, please feel free to contact:

Bette Bogdan, PhD, RN-BC, CCM, PHN

American College of Education Department Chair Nursing

101 W. Ohio St, Suite 1200, Indianapolis, IN  46204

Email:  Phone:  (317) 624-2434


Diane Hountz, DNP, MS, ANP, CNE, RN

Director of Strategic Programs and Engagement, Indiana Center for Nursing

Email:     Office Phone 317-574-1325

The focus group session moderator is Valory Myers, founder, and principal at InAct LLC. They are available for any specific questions you may have on the research methodology and analysis. You can contact them at: or 317-507-9816