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Share funding sources, priortities, opportunities for collaboration and lifelong learning 

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If you are participating in an in-progress, ongoing, nurse-led research project, please consider adding it to the Compendium.
If you are looking for collaborators for your research project, please submit your information on the submit your research project button.  

Research Funding Sources

Initiative Priorities


  • Delineating the financial value of the nurse in designing and deploying future care models
  • Cost-effective staffing and care models



    • Evidence-Based Practice: appropriate translation and utilization of nursing research to guide practice and further inquiry

Health Reform

    • Social Determinants of Health: Community-based nursing interventions focused on breaking the cycle of poverty
    • Culturally & linguistically 
    • Defining the evolving role of the nurse in the future of health care: Characterizing top of scope practice


    • Expansion and/or enhancement of behavioral health resources and care delivery
    • Factors influencing nurses’ engagement in legislative advocacy and board participation

Experience – Consumer


    • Virtual care and telehealth

Patient Experience

    • Patient-centered outcomes
    • Care coordination and navigation
    • Effective approaches to engage the voice of consumers to drive change in care delivery

Experience – Workforce

Professional Practice

    • Factors affecting or interventions enhancing resiliency and flourishing (work satisfaction, joy, retention), embracing the role of the nurse
    • Defining and articulating the value of nursing
    • Incivility in the healthcare workplace
    • Virtual nursing
    • Effective staffing models


    • Optimizing leader behaviors in direct caregiving roles
    • Indicators of readiness for, and factors that influence success in, formal leadership roles


    • Enhancing the pipeline for nursing educators: Innovative approaches to attract high talent to faculty roles
    • Contemporizing nursing education: Innovative approaches to prepare nurses to transition to practice in the changing healthcare landscape
    • Defining professional behaviors appropriate for the novice nurse
    • Impact of enhancing diversity in nursing on financial quality, and experiential (quadruple aim) outcomes
    • Pipeline strategies to increase enrollment into nursing programs
Supporting Indiana nurse-researchers,
who influence the emerging healthcare delivery system through their work

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