Indiana NEEDS Initiative

Nursing Education, Engagement & Diversity Statewide

As the American population becomes increasingly diverse, it is essential that the nursing workforce reflect the transformations.

The goal of the Indiana NEEDS Initiative is to improve health equity and build a culture of health by increasing diversity and inclusion in the Indiana nursing workforce.

The initiative focuses on measures to expand under-represented cultural groups across multiple dimensions including race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, age, gender, life experiences, education, sexual orientation/gender preference and other personal characteristics.

14 Indiana nursing education programs are currently involved in the initiative, funded by a Campaign for Action 2019 Innovations Fund Award, with additional support from ICN, Indiana Organization for Nursing Leadership  (IONL), Indiana AHEC and Orbis Education. Funding for the project is $150,00 through 2021.

Representatives of the 14 participating schools meet monthly, working toward initiative goals.

Developed by the Indiana NEEDS Initiative, these toolkits offer resources to nursing programs interested in implementing Holistic Review for Admissions and Peer-To-Peer Mentoring.

For more information, or for questions about the Initiative, please contact us at or 317-574-1325.

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