Scholarship Program

Since 2011, ICN has distributed over $1,019,850 to our member schools for undergraduate and graduate scholarships.


College costs are rising. Students need your support.

Nursing scholarships are essential to develop Indiana’s nursing workforce. Don’t let the lack of resources stop the future of talented, caring nurses. Any amount helps!

Every year ICN disburses scholarship monies to our member schools of nursing. Each school of nursing then selects the scholarship recipients and awards the funds to the students.

If you are a nursing student at an ICN member school, you may be eligible for an ICN scholarship. Please contact administrators at your school of nursing for more information. (ICN does not directly award scholarships.)

What scholarship recipients have said…
This past year has been a whirlwind for all.  I left my job to focus on finishing school strong and caring for my two baby boys.  This financial award gives our family great relief and extreme gratefulness!  Thank you so very much!  


Your generosity makes it possible for students like me to dream and strive towards reaching the peak in our nursing careers.


I am deeply appreciative for receiving the scholarship from the ICN.  This scholarship will help me finish out my senior year less stressed about finances and will enable me to go into maternal healthcare.  When I observed my firth birth and saw the role of the nurse in this delivery, I knew it was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.  


Thank you to our generous 2023 sponsors!

In 2023 over $80,810 was raised for scholarships through donations and sponsorships. Thank you!

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